Income Tax Forms 2017

Has anybody been able to download form 2042, 2047 & 3916 from the goverment web site “” for income in 2016 i.e. this year’s declaration? I can only find forms for income in year 2015 i.e. last years declaration!!


Hi Graham - I understand that the online service does not open until the 12th April and cannot be accessed until then.

If the forms aren’t there yet, it’s because they’re not available yet. Worry not, they will become available when they’re ready - all in good time.

As an aside - why are people always in such a tearing rush to get their returns in, when the deadlines aren’t until late May or in my case 6th June? It’s the same every year, I never have understood this.

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Hi Dan, Many thanks for the info.


Eur Ing
Graham F Pratt
BSc (Hons), Fo.M.I.C.E., F.F.B., A.S.C.E.
Civil & Structural Engineer

Hi Anna,

Someone else has said the online service is not available until 12th
April. As to why the rush? this is my first return and I’m not sure how
complicated it will be, anyway, once its done its done!


Eur Ing
Graham F Pratt
BSc (Hons), Fo.M.I.C.E., F.F.B., A.S.C.E.
Civil & Structural Engineer

OK, in fact for your first return I don’t think you can use the online service.
All you can do is keep checking the government website vosdroits, and immediately each form becomes available, that site will be updated with the link to download it. They’re not always all ready at the same time.
I appreciate you’re anxious to get it done, but it always strikes me that overall, expats do waste an awful lot of steam every year jumping up and down trying to get hold of forms before they’re available.

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Personally I really prefer to get it done and out if the way so I can relax. Its surprises me that there us such a short window for completing the forms. When, in the UK its a whole nine months if you do it online, or six if on paper.
The french accountants must only be working for two months! I suppose that one can do the prep before the forms are issued.

I guess we all have our own approach to this. I actually far prefer the French system. You are given enough time to finalise everything after the end of the year so you can have all the figures ready for when the tax window opens, and the window itself gives you plenty of time to get the job done but not so long you put it off and forget about it. In the UK as I recall the forms used to arrive within days of the tax year end, they went into the drawer because I couldn’t fill them in straight away because hadn’t finalised my year end accounts, and because there was no proper window they sat in the drawer and got forgotten about. Twice I got fines for late submission in the UK because I forgot/ got confused over the deadline. Then after you send the forms off, you never know how long you’ll have to wait for a reply, could be a few weeks or could be months and months and months. The exercise can drag on and on and hang over you for the best part of the year. To me the UK system seemed shapeless and flabby and vague with no real structure or sense of urgency to it. France has a clear schedule, the dates are all stated on the government website, you know when to submit the forms and you know exactly when you’ll receive your avis, and that suits me so much better. I like things neat and orderly in boxes, sad I know :wink:

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How can it be considered a short window? As the year ends in December and the forms don’t appear until April there is plenty of time to get everything prepared then, fingers crossed you won’t miss the weeks and weeks long window that you have to do the simple job of putting numbers in the correct boxes.

I put my info in as and when it becomes available… from year-end, as you say… then do the final signing-off, well before they call “time”… :wink:

Am I to assume then, that, being your first time to fill in a firm you gave
never had sight of before- that you had every single piece if infirmation
snd number to hand, already calculated in the correct format, including
your uk company dividends which you didnit have the numbers for til april.
Oh and you magically got your uk building society who will not allow you to
look at online accounts now that you live in France, to send you your
interest statement early so you can complete your tax forms.

This is not an easy excercise especially for first timers, when we cannot
see the forms until 12th.april and the have to file them by 17th may. By
anyones reckoning that us a short window. Even an accountants. Oh and then
you have to find a suitable accountant!

It may be easy for you, it us nit so for everyone!!!

Lynne… if it is your first time… take what info you can and talk things through with the Tax Office folk. They will help you fill in the Forms and they will understand if some details are not available… and will probably suggest an approximate…they are not agres…:wink:

Hi Graham. I got paper copies through the post this year as mine was a paper submission last year. I filled in said same document with the assistance of the Connexion guide and then made the submission on line. Fingers Crossed!!