Income Tax Return 2015 in France

I think that this has been discussed before but can't find the thread. It will be time to fill in the income tax return, I do that online every year, as it will be my first year as Auto-Entrepreneur and have been contributing quarterly, I know that when filling my online form I will have to report what I have been earning (and/or contributing) somewhere on that return.

Can someone give me an idea of how it works as I would like to be prepared and avoid making a mistake.

Also, I am not taxable as my retirement income is too little :-( will my Auto-Entrepreneur income enter in the calculation? Is it correct that I could expect a refund of my Auto-Entrepreneur contributions as being in operation for the first year?

Thanks for every info I could get.

John :-)

Thanks Tracy - John

Unless you have specifically opted to do so, income tax is not included in the quarterly declaration. As a low income household you should not have taken this option anyway as it will not be re-imbursed

I am sure that we will have the full info we need at some stage - John

Thanks for the info Sarah, I will look out for the blue 2042CK PRO - Declaration complementaire - paper form and/or check online to see if there is something similar. - John

Having finally, we think, registered as an AE with some help from a fellow expat, we would be very interested to hear how you get on with your income tax return.

I can help with the first part. Over the next few weeks you should receive an Attestation Fiscale 2014 which will show your turnover for last year and states which 'box' you enter this figure on your tax form. Last year, this was a blue 2042CK PRO - Declaration complementaire - paper form. I'm sure that the online forms have the same number system.

Sorry but I cannot comment on the income tax aspect/refund.

Good luck