Income Tax Statement. How to obtain a copy of the last one

Hello. Please advise how I can go about getting a copy of my last income tax statement? I can’t seem to find the one they sent me a few months ago, because I keep having to show it to various entities all the time. Regards

Through your online account

Ok but I have never registered for this service and it asks me for codes which I don’t have. I only have my numero fisical as far as I can see

Click onto Votre Espace Particulier (top right hand)… and then use the Création de mon espace particulier to create your Espace…

If you click on to each question mark… it tells you where to find the information needed for each particular line

Once all the info is typed on each line… press Valider

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@POWERPACK … of course, if you’ve lost the one and only Declaration in France, you won’t be able to find the info they are talking about… You could go to your local Tax Office… and ask them for a copy… :zipper_mouth_face:

Yes I have only ever had one from them so far, but I do know my numero fiscal though as a point of reference for them to help me.

Yep you’ll need an online account to make your declaration this year if your RFR is more than 16,000€ and you have internet access (which you obviously do!). Next year everyone with internet access will be required to declare on line.

Well, I would pop into the local office…armed with identification (passport?) and your Numero Fiscal … once you’ve got the copy document, you can open your own Espace on the government site…

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Thanks. I wrote and posted a letter this morning to my SIP office with my nurmero fiscal. The nearest one is in Menton and I am in Beausoleil (06).

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Not sure how it works these days but in order to open an online account you used to need a security code that doesn’t appear on your avis (n° d’accès en ligne). It used to be printed on the pre-filled forms they send out in the post for you to complete, but if he’s only filled in one tax return he won’t have it yet. If the system’s still the same, he would have to ask the tax office for this separately. I presume it will have been allocated by now.

Good point Anna… this is what the Site now requires:

The 3 details needed to create Mon Espace are found:
on the Avis d’Impot;
the first page of the Declaration;
Revenue Fiscal on the last Avis d’Impot


Hello and Happy Easter. The good news is that the tax office in Menton sent me a copy of my 2016 tax declaration. The not so good news is that where they have the ‘numero d’acces en ligne’ it says ‘voir votre declaration’, but I don’t know where it would be on my declaration.