Increased security preventing additional cardholders making purchases online

Lloyds Bank have have emailed me to say they are increasing security checks on on-line purchases.

As the principal cardholder this doesn’t impact me as I have registerd for the Lloyds app and they have my French mobile number.

But as my wife is an additional cardholder on my credit card I need to register her mobile number so she can be sent a passcode when making an online purchase.

BUT, Lloyds only allow 11 digit numbers starting in 07 (UK mobile number). THis effectively means that my wife will be blocked from making online purchases.

If you are still operating a UK credit card how is your credit card supplier dealing with this?

We don’t have credit cards, but do have a French debit card that requires a phone code. As does accessing our bank and savings accounts on line here and the UK ones - so not just online orders now.

Credit Agricole accepted a UK phone number many years ago and we have never changed this. And since our banks insist on a UK number we have kept a UK cheap mobile phone.

But for us the problem is that we have no mobile phone network in the house and for some reason the codes won’t come through if the phone is on wifi. It’s a pain.

You can also elect to have Lloyds phone your French landline.

I don’t quite understand. Lloyds have registered your French mobile number, but not your wife’s? Is the input different for additional cardholders, compared to principal?

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