In the hard rain and cold, my son Oliver, has just found three very hungry, cold and wet kittens of roughly 4 weeks old and as you can see, in a bad state of health, at the roadside by the Rescue Centre!
It is heartless people like this that we are battling against!
We will be installing a camera very soon, and we WILL be prosecuting!!

Oh Lynn, what a wonderful job you have done. They are absolutely wonderful. God bless you for what you do for helpless creatures. It isn't always easy I am sure, neither is it cheap, but you carry on regardless and like Melissa I thank you. I don't think you will find it difficult to get these little souls adopted.

Here they are fighting fit and now ready for adoption

Jambo né 9.5.2012 male gris clair tigré/siamois à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 2502687730076521
Paka né 9.5.2012 male gris clair tigré à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 2502687730076436
Simba né 9.5.2012 gris clair tigré à poil mi-long numéro d'identification 2502687730076426

Oh hello little sweeties! Wonderful work Lynn, thank you for working so hard for the earth's children. I have been thinking about them and wondering how they were. Boys, girls, personalities appearing?

Love the names Lynn. And love the idea of Jambo running to meet people. Give all three a big kiss from me. xxx

It angers me to think of mum cat out there suffering as you can see - what a difference a week makes with good food, warmth and care!

Their names have been chosen too - Jambo in the middle, african for Hello(he was the first to run to me and is always the first out of their basket to welcome anyone, Simba - little lion and Paka, baby cat!

Oh Wonderful Lynn. They are glorious. Sooooo pretty. Well done on bringing them back from the brink. Heres hoping Mummy may be surviving okay.

Quick update - here they are as of today - absolutely adorable!!

Good for you Lynn and more power to your elbow!

Thanks Norah, couldn't have put it better myself!

I firmly believe that such people DO get their just deserves at some time, one day they will be caught out and if it is abandonning another animal, I will be there to prosecute!

OMG. The poor little things. What is wrong with people? A car pulled up outside our house four weeks ago and shot off, leaving behind a bedraggled, dizzy, timid dog. Poor thing seemed dazed almost as if she had been hit by a car or something like that. We got hold of her and took her to the vet but could not take her to the Mairie as it was closed. So my dear sister in law (with her 15 cats, 3 dogs and 5 horses) said she could manage her for the time being and, unlike our place, hers is secure. The dog has no tag of course, and no microchip and needless to say she has not been claimed. Anyway, these past few days (though still nervous she is such a different dog. She is the most affectionate creature and my sister in law has got to love her deeply. We have had her neutered and my sister in law has given worm and flea treatment and Isobel, or Izzy as we call her, is really doing well. Our road leads out onto a road with a haulage company and very large vehicles going through. Can you imagine what might have happened if we had not been able to get hold of her? I believe that if you don't like animals that is your choice but for God's sake DONT then go on and have pets. If you do you are a moron and deserve to get into trouble.

Oh Lynn, some people are truly barbarians. I send prayers and energy for these little ones. Bless you.

Exactly, it was definitely fate!

Thanks Sandy and it would be a pleasure to meet you!

Thanks for your encouragements Sandy, in fact they were found by accident ! With the weather we have at the moment, we are all well and truly indoors! but Oliver was testing his newly fixed buggy when he found them.

The kitens were also next to a relatively busy D road, so not at all a good place to abandon them, not even in the protection of cardboard box!!

Thanks Valerie. They'll see the vet tomorrow and we'll have to make a 'decision' on their health - fingers crossed that they'll pick up!

My anger is reflected on the people who have obviously not cared for the mother cat either, as these kind of health prolems stem from the mother, poor thing is still out there somewhere, suffering!

It's heartbreaking. I can never fathom why people treat animals the same way as they would a bag of rubbish. I hope can pull through - much too young to be without Mum.