Indoor activities for babies

Hi there folks

Can anyone help? I have a very activie 9 month old staying with me in Lamalou Les Bains and am looking for any indoor play areas (jungle gym or similar) in the local area. Appreciate any pointers, many thanks

Hi, I live South of you near Riols. I have 16 month old twins and have exactly the same problem. I'm so glad Winter is finally over because we were all going crazy having nowhere to go. Sometimes there are activities provided by which isn't far from you - let me know if you go to any!

Hi, I also live in Lamalou les Bains with children aged 4 and 6. I have only found the Royal Kids park in Vendres Plage which does indeed have a small soft play section for younger children. Has free Wifi and good cafe facilities. It would be a shame to commercialise the area but I think there is definitely scope for something indoors for children, even if just a small soft play area and climbing wall for the older ones! If I find any other places on our travels, I will let you know!

Hi Tina,

I am very close to you, in the hills just North of Lamalou.

Our daughter is 8 now but I can say for sure that when she was that sort of age, it was not easy to find really local indoor activities for her. That said, things do change and of course you do have a very good, modern tourist office in the centre of Lamalou that might be able to make suggestions.

Even now, at age 8, for an indoor kids activity it is not easy - we go to Royal Kids but that is just South of B├ęziers - and mainly for older kids, although I think they have a ball pool for very young children, if I remember correctly.. you can see their site here...

Best, Keith