Induction Hob

I think we need a picture of the trip. All else is speculation.

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Just tried it on an empty line and it tripped on plugging it in, whereas yesterday it was working on one ring and tripped when the second one was put on. I’m thinking maybe the unit is faulty.

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Badger, do you want a picture of the trip switch

Starting to be a strong possibility.

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Bought it three years ago and only tried using it yesterday so no chance of sending it back. I will try it on a couple of other sockets to see how it reacts. Looks like another gift to the Dechetterie

I know that feeling - we’re on our second 4-zone hob, the first gradually stopped working (first one half intermittently at first, then the other). Cumulative use perhaps 3-4 months, but over 4+ years, and bought in the UK so no chance of a return.

Even the replacement has been on the blink - I blame the damp which the house has suffered with lack of visits during Covid - works for a bit then throws an error message. It seems to have responded to regular (dummy) use of boiling a pan of water on each zone once a day while we are there, plus a general airing of the property so hopefully it is now thoroughly dried out and in working order.

Edit: and, of course, the 2nd one never *quite* fits the cut-out in the worktop, does it??? :rage:

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Ha ha, exactly. I took the lid off to look and couldn’t see anything with my untrained eye, plugged it in hoping to see something but saw nothing. Salvaged the plug and have bought another hopefully this will work. There’s nowhere around to take these appliances to be looked at and if there was it wouldn’t be cost effective, we live in a throw away age so that’s what we’re doing throwing it away. It irks me when things don’t work the way they are supposed to. Lesson learned is to test the next one when it arrives.
Thanks everyone for the interest shown.

Your Déchèterie will (hopefully) have a spot where electric thingies are kept apart… and someone will look them over, extract what’s useful etc etc… maybe even get things working… so show it to the “chappie” and follow instructions on where to leave it … :wink:

I certainly would have done that, had it ready to go with instructions and box when we had a splendid thunderstorm for 20mins plus golf ball size hailstones causing us to run about battening the hatches and making safe anything and everything except the stuff for the Déchèterie. So it is properly kaput now. Tiny holes in our polytunnel but Solar Panels we’re good.

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