Induction Hob

We have a Double Induction Hob 3400W that we would like to have installed outside, can anyone tell me the right size cable and Fuse needed before we get carried away. I have checked the plug and it only has Live and Neutral if that makes a difference.

A load like that will requires a 16A disjoncteur (NOT a fuse as these are now banned).

Minimum conductor cross section of 2,5mm² if copper. If a long run is required then volt drop needs to be considered & a larger size might be necessary.

The circuit MUST carry an earth conductor (i.e. 3 core cable - Phase, Neutre, et Terre) regardless of the intended use. A Class 1 appliance requires an earth; Class 2 is double insulated & does not need to be connected to earth.

You say this is for outside use…? If it’s open to the weather the appliance must have a suitable IP rating for such a purpose. I’ve never seen an induction hob with such a rating but I’m willing to be better informed.

Hi Badger,
I should have been more specific when I said out doors. It’s a covered from the elements summer kitchen so I’m happy with the protection it has under a roof. It all gets packed up for winter. If I’m getting this correct it needs to be connected direct to its own 16amp disjoncteur and it’s ok on 3core 2.5mm cable to a normal outdoor socket ? I tried it last night on a socket with a 20amp disjoncteur and it tripped.
The cable will be approx 10metres long from disjoncteur to socket.

What tripped? The 20A DJ?

Is the device actually 3,4kW total maximum load? If so it won’t trip a 20A DJ, or a 16A.

More info required…

Yes the 20amp. It says on the bottom it’s 3400w. I shall take a photo in the morning of the info panel and post it.

Perhaps there was other load on that trip.

Is that just 1 or 2 rings on the induction. I think our 4 ring was 8kw.

Thats really low for induction hobs, conventional resistive heating would be around that much

I have cge kex our one:

Right front: 14.5 cm – 1400W.

Left front: 21 cm – 2300W, booster 3200W.

Left rear: 18 cm – 1800W.

Right rear: 18 cm - 1800W, booster 2500W.

Connection rating: 7350W

It would be low for a 4 zone hob - but 2 zone hobs at around 3-4kW exist


Agree, should have been around 15A max. I guess on a cheap one the power factor might not be great - if it’s less than 0.8 it could trip a 20A breaker.

Or it’s an RCBO and there was an earth fault. Or here’s just a fault somewhere.


Nothing else on it, it was working on one ring and when I switched the second one on it tripped.

What info can I supply? Let me know. It’s a 2 ring portable one. I will post the name, make and model number tomorrow. The only other item on the same line is a WiFi repeater.

Which suggests it is load, not an earth fault.

Could still be power factor, or the fact that it is supposed to limit itself to 3.4kW but doesn’t so you go over 20A with the 2nd zone powered - quite often the sum of the individual zones is more than the nominal total power, as with the one for which Mat posted details - that’s nominally 7350W but individually the total is up to 8900W

What’s the exact model?

I assume (as does Mr Badger) that you ultimately plan to have this on its own dedicated circuit.

It is a Severin Dual-Plate induction cooker 3400w

This one?

Yes the very one.

Humm, the manual isn’t very enlightening - only the max power is listed, not the individual zones.

20A is 4.6kW at 230V but this sort of “small” induction hob is designed to use a normal 16A (or 13A in the UK) plug so it has no business tripping a 20A breaker crappy power factor or not.

We’re at the point I’d kind of like to get together a bigger breaker (32A), some 6mm2 cable, a clamp meter with “peak” recording, two large pans of water and a generous amount of space in case there is smoke/flames and see how much current it really wants to pull.

I’d love to watch that

Maybe that breaker is faulty?

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I will try another one after coffee and toast.