Inflatable garden furniture

Just wondered whether anyone has bought inflatable garden furniture like this and whether they are comfortable? Just thought a couple in a corner in the garden for our gite guests might be fun. Any thoughts?

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Is this a northern England thing :grin::grin:

So far as I’m concerned it’s a French thing. Saw them in my local Gifi and I have lots of different parts of the garden - some sunny, some shady where I like to create a different “ambience” - these seemed just right for teenagers who are desperate to get away from their parents.

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That’s amazing. Great minds think alike.

It was raining yesterday and I got a bit bored so I started browsing Amazon, which usually ends in expenditure, and found these. I thought they looked totally naff, so I had to have them, but not at that price.

So I checked Notwithstanding that I had a credit there for some reason the cost, including transport and import duties was just over a ⅓ of the price, €89 instead of €230.

I can’t wait for a float in my burger.

@John_Scully Can’t see from the photos, but are you looking at the floating chairs? Where on earth are you getting those prices? They are as cheap as chips in places like Gifi and Centrakor.

I see quite a few in the plastics area in our local dump…! We favour bean bags. And since we got extra bookings in February this year have splashed out on rocking chairs

This sort of bean bag

$19 doesn’t seem to expensive to me :slightly_smiling_face: and they are US made, heavy duty and al Qaeda proof, as used by US troops in Afghanistan (they come in camouflage too). It’s just a pity you can’t get little motors for them.

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Those were the prices I was looking at. I’m confused. :thinking:

59.90 € bit more than I’d be willing to pay. I may just have to go into Gifi and try the loungers out myself! I’m not thinking of the shiny plastic stuff - I agree that’s just decheterrie fodder.

I may be mad Sue, but I’m not that mad :grin: the floaty drinks things were even more of a rip off here, €39.96 vs $9.99! ~400% markup.

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I’m with @John_Scully , rainy days, quiet days are Bezos days, expensive days. It was cheaper to close and go touring NZ for 5 weeks around Christmas (2019) than sit at home debating on new business ideas (toys) for the following year.

I also compare .fr versus The latter often wins. .de and .in are good too, search via the ASIN number.

With regard to the original question ‘are they any good’ not sure, YouTube have many a good review. I use Ezivid Wiki as a general guide if you can cope with the voice.

Looking forward to your review :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thanks Robert - well that was a revelation! Never heard of it.

I’ve heard worse! Robert Peston for a start!

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At a 300% profit I might even go into the floating drink holder business myself.

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&((&^^$$$#@**^^% Amazon!!! :rage: :rage: :rage:

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