Information about the Drome region - please?

Hi All,

We are looking to move to France next September and whereas before we were looking into the Ardeche region, we are more and more sliding towards the Drome region instead. A bit more north, cheaper rents, slightly cooler...

Are there any of you who live in the areas around Montelimar, Valence and towards Grenoble?

If yes, please let me know as I have plenty of questions and would like it from someone who lives there :)


Thanks Tish, it is working at my end so going to drool a bit now :)

Thanks David, will do a search for it :)

It was a great programme, unfortunately not available on replay in France anymore, there are, however a few extracts on youtube:

Yes, public transport here is good, although I only use Public transport to commute to the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Local transport is good mainly owing to the fact that the Valence is the administrative centre for the Drome (as Grenoble is for Isere).

There are plenty of rental opportunities here in Valence and in Lyon as can be seen by the amount of development in both towns,

Thanks Andrew :)

Valence was on our list of areas to check out.
We are not in a position to buy anything and have to rent and so far the triangle between Montelimar - Grenoble - Lyon seems to have a lot of rental properties which are really fair sized houses with gardens for €200 per month less than those in the Ardeche region.

I still have to find out what our options are in regards to work and once we have a clearer view on that, we will know where to head to.

I take it public transport is really good in France? Having been in Scotland for 15 years and barely getting connections to anywhere, I am no longer used to it!

Thanks for your response Andrew, much appreciated

We live in Valence. It's a great place very close to the Vercors for local skiing and wonderful walks (stunning scenery). Of course Ardeche is just the other side of the river which is great for walking etc. Valence used to have excellent connections with St Exupery until the the TGV services became less frequent. Having said that, there is an excellent service to Paris which is just over 2h away on the TGV. We have found the locals to be very friendly and patient. If you thinking of moving to this area, you will have to consider that land and house prices increase as proximity to the Alpes decreases.

I live in the souther Ardèche on the frontier of Ardèche, Drôme and Gard.

I may be able to help?



We live in Venterol, near Nyons. Apart from the local accent which takes getting use to, we find it well placed for most things and lots of good communal activities going on. It's cheaper here too. People not so keen on second home owners though, almost the first question we get asked is "are we living here all the time"? Everyone really pleased when we say yes. Good luck with the hunt.

Thanks Tish :) Have sent you a message!

Sounds like THE place to be IF there are enough work opportunities.

Hi there,

I'm here near Grignan, been here for 19 years so ask away!

I love living here in the gateway to Provence. The lavender fields are stunning, the markets are packed with local produce, it's a major truffle growing area too which makes the winter markets even more interesting, and of course it's the Rhone Valley so plenty of good wines.

Montélimar's train station gives you easy access to other major cities and you can be in Paris in 2 hours. If you want international access Lyon is a major hub and an easy drive (or train connection) from Montélimar.

La Drôme is a relatively unknown tourist area and although its population increases in the summer it doesn't get overrun and manges to maintain its local feel.

Sorry that should of read open all year.

We live in the Drome, between Nyons & Vaison La Romaine. The area is unspoilt and you are in easy reach of the bigger towns if you need them. Also our village is “open”. Nyons has its own micro climate, not so much wind as the rest of the area, it also has a good English community if you need any help. I will gladly try to answer any questions that you may have

She is French and can't speak English.

Thank you Louise :) How would we be able to get in touch with her? We have so many questions and it would be good to gather bits and pieces of information and experiences from different people with different circumstances.

Thank you David, have sent you a message.

Yes, that is another reason for not going to the Ardeche.. we would like to live among the French population and immerse ourselves in the culture like we have done here in Scotland. (hubby is Canadian and I come from Flanders in Belgium).

I don't live there but I know the area a little as my sister-in-law lives near Montelimar. A very beautiful area.

Hi Chris.

I've lived in the Drôme for 20 years now - two different houses, but both near Montélimar. I love the region. Funnily enough I started out looking in the Ardeche also and then slid into the Drôme. Much less 'cheap' tourism, fewer foreigners (parts of the Ardech are practically Dutch speaking) and frankly no more expensive.

What would you like to know ?


PS : Have you bought a place yet ? I'm on the point of selling our first home here which is on the edge of a tiny medieval hamlet 10 kms north of Montélimar. If it might be of interest send me an e-mail address and I'll send you the details - but you'd have to move fast as my buyer is getting geared up to sign ...

I know Nyons a bit and have friends there who know the area very well. Fire away. :-)