Information is Beautiful by David McCandless

As a former reference librarian and someone who genuinely finds statistics interesting, I was delighted to hear about this and it will be on my letter to Santa this year. If you think it sounds really boring think again, the information is presented in infographics some of it useful, some of it quirky and amusing eg comparing carbon footprint of Prince Charles with that of Americans opening fizzy drinks.

I gather that it's one of those books that once opened is hard to put down and is a particular hit with blokes and boys. Here's a link to the Amazon listing and there is also a website, so you can see what I mean. I was fascinated to discover that owning a large dog is less eco friendly than owning a Toyota Landcruiser..

You're welcome James, I'm glad you like it!

Excellent James, we aim to'll be able to keep friends and entertained with interesting facts throughout the festive period!