Informations about AE Status

Hello everyone,

I already explained my story in a post a bit before but as suggested I will start a new topic. I'm sure many discussion are about AE but as the status is changing so often I'd like to get fresh information.

I'm living with my girlfriend in Paris, and I've been here for almost a year. I'd like to launch an website to sell small home design objects I create and personalize. Do you think the autoentreprenneur is appropriate in my case? And how complicate is it to build the status? I've heard some case were people have to do a training for few days and all. Does it apply for everyone?

Thank you a lot for any informations you can share with me here.

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Than you! This is a very useful document you got there! Will definitely contact my CCI to know if they do organize such events.

I've managed one better (I think) The attached file is the slideshow that the centre de commerce et industrie for Centre et Sud Manche used in March.

As I said to contact your cci (or chambre de metiers) as they do organise a FREE half day reunion to talk about creating a micro entreprise with no obligation to follow it up by signing up to the scheme

aw thank you Teresa, I guess having been dumped on so many times and having, shall we say, led an interesting life since arriving in France some 15 years ago, I live on the priciple to treat others like I would have liked to be treated

ACCRE is only available to young uns (at 35 I'm too old) and you have to be unemployed ans signed on at Pôle Emploi - they are the people to ask for advice on that side of things. I didn't pay much attention myself to that bit as I've not been signed on as unemployed but 'off sick'' on AAH for the last 2 years

ACCRE is well worth while if you qualify. Definitely go for it. You'll need to be registered as unemployed rather than just unemployed though.

True that, it is so kind of her. It makes my day to see some people are still willing to help other :)

Thank you a lot for your answer! I didn't see I had repply until now. (I'm a bit lost with this forum).

I will send you an email in order to get more details. Also I've found this

ACCRE seems pretty interesting but as it was from google translate I'm not sure I got everything. Can I apply for it in the same time if I'm not employed at the moment?

i'd like to say well done Helen for your informative and helpful reply, and going one step further by offering extra advice... so nice to find people like you on SFN


Hi, if you are actually making the items then yes would be required to do the week formation as you would be classed as an artisan - for lesser mortals like myself (I signed up as an AE - no called microentrepeneur - last month) you don't need to. I am classed as a commercant.

It was all pretty straight forward - printed off the forms, filled in and sent to my local cci who in return contacted me for missing justifications etc and a I had confirmation on Saturday that my dossier was complete and had been sent to URSAFF, RSI etc

Should you wish, email at and I can send you the info stuff from the intial free reunion d'infomation I attended in March