Ingredients for Asian food

(Nick Mosienko) #1

I wondered if anyone knows any shops in or near Béziers where one can buy ingredients for cooking Indian, Chinese , Malaysian or Thai food.

Thanks, Nick

(jayne watkins) #2

We have the same problem here in Central France and when we have found the spices etc that we are looking for they are usually far too expensive! We now use a company in England called Just Ingredients ( Their prices are great and they have a wide range to choose from - they also have a FB page if you are interested! Good luck.

(Vivien Barrow Clegnac) #3

Hello Nick,

There is an Asian supermarket near Perpignan, which I haven't yet tried, but have heard that it has 'everything'. I use the website above, generaly a good, speedy service. You need to order quite a lot to make the postage worthwhile but there is a great choice of ingredients.

I would be happy to share an order with you as I am running low on a few things!