Inheritance and houses

I would really appreciate some ideas on a rather difficult problem!

My partner and I are not married, he is French and I am English, we have no wish to get married. We both have children and we both have property; Does anyone know any way he can leave me the right to live in his house, where we live now, after his death until I die and this children then inherit, without us having to get married?????



Hi my unmarried friends had very similar issues but without children. They visited the notaire to find out exactly what to do so that they would inherit each others property - the only answer in their situation was to get married. So they have reluctantly taken the plunge but she still uses her maiden name.

Thanks Sheila!

So what is the gift:Will get out clause???????


Under French law, Annie, this is a complicated issue. You will find some information here: and there are various discussions here on SFN, if you search under "inheritance" (the search box is at the very top-right hand side of the page. Good luck!