Inheritance Estranged children

Having issues with conflicting advice re making a Will and for my adopted grandchild rather than the mother with acknowledged serious mental health issues to inherit our french property

Are you making the will under French or English Law? If you are a british national you can specify that you make your will under english law and then do not have to comply with French succession rules and can leave your assets where you want.

However you do have to comply with french inheritance tax, which I think may well be higher for a grandchild that a child.

But these sorts of issue are complex and open to challenge, so take professional advice from someone experience in cross-border inheritance.

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With the spanner in the library?


I totally understand your concern.
I was disinherited by my sister, I was adopted and she was the autistic natural daughter of my adopted parents.
She was classed as ESN as a child and had a totally unfounded hatred of me and yet was allowed to make a will, with the result that the house went to a hospital.