Inheritance Law Expert

My parents are 65 and 67 - I am an only child. We all live in France. They have spent the last 20 years rennovating and restoring a beautiful home, which is 65% of a building. I purchased the other 35% of the property from their co-proprietor four years ago.

I also have another property in the village, that I rent out.

My parents would like to leave their house to me, but at it's current value, should anything happen to them both, I would have to sell their part of the house to pay the Inheritance tax. They woudl like to minimise this burden but have received conflicting views on how to do this (gifting vs other options).

Does anyone know a good Inheritance expert in the 07 region who could help?

PS. Our Notaire doesn't seem to know an awful lot!!

Thanks M-C - The SCI requires the setting up of a business and paying business taxes, no? We considered this when we bought our second property here a few months ago but it all seemed very complicated. Someone has put me in touch withan English expert on French and UK Inheritence law, so we're going to have a chat with her. Thanks for your tips :)

Gifting is expensive in France, probably an SCI would be the cheapest and best solution for all concerned. Your parents could also gift shares to you in tax fee increments as they are both still very young!

Your notaire knows as much as he/she should, if he isn't telling you much, it's because he doesn't want to be accused of influencing your parents' decision.