Inheritance laws

Three years ago we were told that in 2015 new inheritance laws would be coming in enabling us to opt for the laws of our country of origin in the EU. 2015 is here and a deathly hush, or have I missed something?

Sorry for causing some confusion! It would appear the new rules will apply to British Nationals resident in France, but not those resident in the UK owning property in France

Ditto Rebecca. However, that is my interpretation. I hope someone can confirm this.

That is better news Sheila, for those of us with complicated family situations it will come as a great relief!

My understanding of Brussels IV is that for those of us resident in France, French laws of inheritance will apply UNLESS you specifically state that you wish the laws of your country of birth to apply. Therefore, although Ireland has opted out of offering this to residents from other EU states, I can as an Irish person request that the inheritance laws of Ireland be applied to the terms of my will. I believe that it would be a good idea to make a new will.

:-O Looks like everyone's been getting excited for nothing! :-(

Are you sure the changes are going to apply to British Nationals? This article which I am attaching suggests the UK (as well as Ireland & Denmark) has opted out of the relevant legislation so for nationals of those countries there will be no change.

It will change in August