Initial health cover

Hi Folks, My wife and I arrived in France two years ago and over the past 18 months have been trying through CPAM in Tours to get into the health system

My wife who is 60 has a social security number.

I'm 65 and still have a temporary number.

We've been through all the usual hoops, but no indication yet of being allowed to apply for a carte vitale.

Our fear is that since Brexit the chances of getting access to health care will be kicked into the long grass.

Since being here, I had to spend a week in hospital and have an emergency operation..the bill of 7000 euros was put on my EHIC card just before it ran out.

The question I hope someone can clarify is does the fact my wife has a social security number mean she is covered for healthcare..but I'm not because mine is temporary.

Quotes for even basic health cover around 800 euros a month is way out of our budget

appreciate any help

I hope this link helps or at least gives you an idea of who to ask:

PS I'm assuming you are retired - if your wife works you should be covered as an ayant-droit but the best thing to do is to look at your cpam page because it should be made clear there who is covered and what for.

Hi Veronique, we are both retired, and not sure where I would find my CPAM page


You should have a number on any letters from the CPAM and it should also give you a website address - on the website you should find a link to 'créer son espace personnel' and you should then be able to create your own page with all your info on it, you put in your customer number & create a password... But I really don't know how it works for retired non-French people, I hope someone here with personal experience of your situation can help.

Once you have found the 'creer son espace personnel', you type in your social security number and they send you a password by post.

Cheers Chris, been on the site..can't see that link...can see how you access your space personale but did notice it asked for a 13 length number, ours are 15 numbers long.


They just want the first 13 digits of your full number Jim.

This looks like the link you need.

Cheers Chris , give it a go.


This is the english speaking helpline, if it helps?


Thanks Lily much appreciated