Injured young crow in the garden

We’ve got a young crow walking around the garden, injured perhaps but clearly not wanting to fly.

I’m keeping the dog inside for now (they don’t mind too much!) and keeping my distance from the crow as I don’t want to alarm it overly.

We do have a sanctuary that I could take it to (catching it would be another matter!) but what do you reckon? Give it time to see if it recovers? (it might be only temporary) I’m a little at a loss and want to protect it as much as poss.

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perhaps make sure it can get food and water and leave it to its own devices for today…
tomorrow you could contact the Sanctuary and ask their advice.

Good point. It might not be as hot out there today but it’s still going to be warm. I’ll make sure it has access to both.

It’s been stretching its wings. It doesn’t look injured. I think maybe a young’un that left the nest too soon? Or perhaps lacks a bit of confidence?? Fingers crossed it’ll take to the air in good time.

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It’s taken to the air and departed into the field next to us. It looked adept enough on it’s relatively short flight so I’m hoping all’s fine. We’ve been hearing crow calls around (anxious parent?) so I’m guessing it wasn’t given up on, just needed a bit of time to find its wings.

There’ve been warning on Nature sites, asking folk to give young birds/animals a chance to “do their own thing”… but it’s not always easy.

Food, drink, possibly shade… and keep the pets away… that’s it really.

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Yes, I’ve been doing a few searches and a bit of reading. It’s apparently not at all unheard of for fledglings to leave the nest a little early and then need to apply the finishing touches to their flying skills from the ground. All the advice seems to be to keep away and let nature run its course, however that might unfold.

I can’t see the young’un now so I’m fingers crossed hopeful for them.

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Even if it has hopped off, many others will appreciate some water left out for them. It is hot for everyone, not just us.


Water’s still out there for others who want. We always put food out over winter but there’s less take-up over summer. Water’s a first for us though, for drinking anyway. There’s a bird bath but there’s rarely an interest in it - perhaps not in the best place?

Not high, not in full sun, sited where there is shelter nearby, and cleaned regularly tends to be the advice given most frequently.

Ah, it’s probably the cleaning bit that we fall foul of.

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Pun intended? Good one, whatever …

The problem with leaving these birds on the ground is they are unlikely to survive a night time predator but they all have to make a living …

I found a young crow in the middle of the road at Masseret this time last year - chased it into the hedgerow and made sure it was okay. A little later we saw it take two attempts at flying, second time successfully cleared the hedge and made it into the field. I’m just glad I found it before it became an RTA. :slight_smile:


Obviously, in the middle of the road… is a little bit different from finding something in one’s garden :rofl: :rofl:
Outside my house, I’ve stood guard over frogs, hedgehogs… and all sorts which seem determined to lie in wait for a vehicle to put an end to their days… finally gently shepherding them to a place of safety if they’ve not done so by themselves … :rofl: :rofl: :+1:

Yes, I’ve rescued a few hedgehogs as well :slight_smile:
The only animals I can’t help are pheasants, which are determined to throw themselves in front of our car. We haven’t hit one yet, but it’s a close run thing - they are totally suicidal creatures!