Innovative approaches to house selling

I’ve been really interested in the response to James's offer to set up a property page on SFN. Given one of the members recent comments on the importance of marketing, and with the rise in technology impacting on everything we do, has anyone has discovered any innovative approaches to house selling here in France? Having bought 2 French houses over the last 5 years, I was very disappointed by the passive attitude estate agents (French and English) when we were seeking to buy our second property (we were cash buyers, with a clear idea of what we required yet estate agents waited for us to identify properties). Now we are selling our lovely 3-bed Aude village house (between Carcassonne and Limoux set in the vineyards of the Malepere) We are finding the agents very relaxed. Agents are quick to chase us up when we advertised on Boncoin but seem less able to attract purchasers themselves using the internet. As anyone any experiences of new and more effective ways than the basic immobilier service? Alternatively does anyone have views on which websites do seem to attract buyers of all nationalities? Any help gratefully received

Or try Perillos :

A take-over bid for the RLC legenda :)

Brilliant idea Nick. Possibly ought to try a wine lover’s version of the Rennes Le Chateau type of fable

Very often in Limoux myself Jane.

Innovative ways. Could always invent a story about the end of the world being nigh centered around Bugarache. That seemed to shift a few properties ;-D