Inquiry Regarding Renewal of "Titre de Séjour" with Multiple


I am Parikshit Karkar. I have one question: If I am holding a CDI contract and working around 40 hours as an extra somewhere else or working as self-employed on the side with a CDI contract, can it be a problem when renewing the “titre de séjour” with the “salaried” designation on the card?

It could be.
Legally you can only work 35 hours.

Yes, depending on how the authorities wish to look at your situation, and whether or not you are here on a visa, and what kind of visa that might be. If you are contracted to work under a CDI, (i) you might not legally be able to work outside of that contract, depending on the clauses of the contract and the number of hours you are contracted for, and (ii) working 40+ hours self-employed might lead you to be considered as an independent worker, rather than a salaried worker, as principal professional activity, and therefore lose your claim to “salaried worker” status with regard to your titre de séjour.

Having a salaried worker residency status doesn’t necessarily entitle you to work as an independent, or freelance.

If they suspect you are infringing the conditions and limitations imposed by your visa/titre de sejour then I would say there is every likelihood this will cause a problem. with renewal

Why aren’t you playing by the rules Parkshit?’une%20carte,ne%20défère%20pas%20aux%20convocations.

Oh, and look, from a wesbite by French immigration lawyers:

One of the reasons why the Prefecture might refuse your renewal:

Vous avez exercé un autre type de métier que celui figurant sur l’autorisation de travail.

I fear that someone might be in need of an immigration lawyer.
If you are the same person who had a presumably salaried job as a chef at the hotel Pley and also set themselves up as an autoentrepreneur chef, then the administration might well see this as no longer meeting the conditions for the maintenance of your employee work visa.