Insect eradication - it's time to install your pheromone traps


I have just invested in a ULV (Ultra Low Volume) petrol driven insecticide sprayer which is used to treat box hedge caterpillars and chenilles processionnaires using BACILLUS THURINGIENSIS to a height/distance of 20m.

Treatment times of year are as follows;

Pyrale du buis April to September.
Chenilles processionnaires September to end of December.

Chenilles processionnaires stop feeding after the 4th seti (skin shed) which is usually at by the end of the year. Most people leave treatment until it is too late (Springtime).

I am willing to travel anywhere in France to treat these critters, and stay in a region for several days to treat multiple addresses if necessary, therefore reducing déplacement costs.

In the meantime, now is the ideal time of year to install your pheromone traps, to order please visit




Thanks for the information Robert.