Insomnia, and Michael Moseley

Be careful with exercise - If I’m slow and physically lazy then it’s much easier to sleep than if I’ve exercised hard, even if exhausted. It’s then normal to sleep for between 20min & an hour before waking up and staying awake.

If you have a hot tub spa at home they can be very relaxing and help with sleep.
Partially to do with the chloroform, a byproduct of chlorine.

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I have tried everything. The only thing that works is listening to Just William on Audible. Unfailingly works.

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That would make me just scweem and scweem :joy:


Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution isn’t :poop:

For me, exercise was one of the major good things to get me sleeping regularly. But you mustn’t exercise too late or too vigorously. My 3 times 20 minutes of brisk walking was just right for me, and I could easily work it into a busy working day. At the weekends, I would do at least 2 or 3 hours of walking in the pennines from outside my house. I never exercised ‘hard’ as I don’t really see the point of exhausting myself. Just brisk, physical exercise that makes you realise you’ve done something.

The thcweemin’s fine, it’th the thick that methes the bed. :astonished:


Impetuously bought myself Bluetooth earbuds for listening to music in bed, or anywhere else. Soundcore Anker Space A40 earbuds.

They are for me the best budget earbuds for sleeping with, (100 euros but got a discounted price 71 euros from Amazon DE) and am amazed at the audio quality of such tiny speakers. Almost on a par with my earphones - difficult to tell the difference.

And they are more comfortable than earphones. Very well satisfied with being immersed, surrounded, by earbud music.

Don’t think hearing will be compromised. Commonsense, guidelines and a sleep timer app should be enough. I look after my ears anyway.

I rather liked that in Australia the last thing at night on the radio we listened to in Sydney was a forest of birds.

Not sure they still air it on the radio but I found a CD online and it makes me happy.


I have quite a few headphones/earbuds as I love music and the quality available through headphones/earbuds. From bose, beats to chinese, and must say, the ones I recently purchased for just over 20€ on amazon beat the up to 200€ other pairs! These are the ones I’m referring to, which I originally purchased to exercise with as thought I didn’t want to ruin the pricier pairs, but turns out they sound better so I tend to use them alot more. And I love the case with battery .% and terrific battery life!