Installing a wood burning stove


We have started researching wood burning stoves to supplement our heating and be more economical/ecological and warmer in the winter!

Any advise anyone would offer? Any experiences to share? We have a two story house about 40 years old, of about 120M2 living space.



Thanks for the feedback on this.
We have found a local (06) specialist supplier/fitter of stoves and have plumped for a wood pellet burning one from an Italian company MTZ. It should also link to the central heating, although we will still have gas for a back up.


hello Barbara…

if you type “wood burning”… in the search box top right you’ll see a few threads on this - my husband (anthony brady) has offered a lot of chimney building advice as it’s his thing!

for our part we have a franco belge multi-fuel in our two bed sussex cottage… it’s like a bloody furnace - brilliant. we were advised to buy the smallest stove you think you’ll need - that way you can have it cranked up - and it’s at it’s most effective like that… it’s v easy to clean and set - a 2-3 min job every morning.

It’s not a cheap buy but was probably the best of the expensive things we bought when renovating our house

X Teresa

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