Insulation for €1

Returning to this subject,

It appears that some Estate Agents are warning sellers against having this done? Why?

Anyone else heard of this? We would like to get it done, but despite having settled on one ‘supplier’ we are now being told in fact there is only ONE operating under a large number of website (which does appear to be true if the similarity is anything to judge by). We have read the oficial site and the warning there and the Conseillers service which we would use, but anyone had any bad experiences we should know about?

If they are crooks, they do seem to be ‘hiding in plain sight’.

Any further thoughts?

Yes - why didn’t you just add to the existing discussion?

I have the 1euro insulation. It all went very smoothly.
I had only to give them my fiscal reference which I didn’t resent.After all, it’s a subsidy so you’d expect to have your eligibility tested.

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Hi Lauren and welcome to the forum

How did you organize your loft space… ??

Hi Lauren,

as with the others - welcome! Also many thanks for the reply, my French wife is convinced it is a rip-off, and seems to be finding ‘evidence’ to prove it is. None of the ‘evidence sourcs’ are those who have actually had it done, but those of the ‘I have heard…’ variety.

Yet she is the first to complain if a light is left on, or a door left open etc.,

Thanks again!

Simon, that is what In thought I was doing?

I have to say I was a bit sceptical too. But, I sort of looked at it on the basis that if it only cost a euro, I had nothing to lose. I arranged it all for another non French speaking friend and she too is quite happy with it.

A friend completed all of the necessary paperwork and produced evidence that she is below the income level several months ago and has heard nothing since.

I would do this if I thought it was legit- does anyone know what the earning limit is for eligibility? I’m particularly interested as the ads now say that they will insulate your garage; as we are looking to convert ours into an extra room (one day…) that would be handy. And is there a final date for applications? And a link?

Keep smiling - Brexit can’t go on forever…j

Take a look at this thread… or you can Google it… :hugs:

I contacted these folks after Simon’s post. They sent me an email followed by a call one afternoon.
Another explanatory email was sent stating a bit more about how it works. Seems legit. I will contact them again, so that I receive a visit.The chap will then tell me apparently if my roofspace is suitable, & give me the choice of rockwool or the blown stuff.

Interesting as this seems to be happening to us. My wife (French) finally decided to go ahead with this, and filled out the form, and received a number Under which the work would take place. Under advisement she contacted the ERG to ask if they could provide deatils of who would be doing the work. She was surprised (very) to receive a tirade from the Counsellor stating 'he would do no such thing as (quote) ’ they were all a bunch of crooks, and if she wanted a name he could provide a company listing but ‘none that would do the €1 thing’.
True to his word we did receive the ‘Annuaire’ that did precisely that.
As the ERG are also governmental this seems a very strange reaction to something even he acknowledged as being ‘official’
Since then approx three weeks ago, no further contact and attempts to telephone the Company have evoked no response.
I think the offer is due to run out at the end of April? However I am not sure of that.

I’ll say it again - really happy with mine last year - here’s a copy of my final bill from 12 March 2018 - received once the work had been completed. As you can imagine - I’m pretty miffed they never paid me the 1 centime they owed me (!!!) - buggers - you can’t trust anyone these days… :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: