Insurance for Cameras

(Alan Proudfoot) #1

I realise that other members have some pretty good cameras. Since moving to France I no longer have full "all risks" insurance for gear. Does anyone know of any specialised policies that provide this sort of cover (i.e. things like theft), ideally worldwide. I have pro gear.

Many thanks.

(Alan Proudfoot) #2

Thanks Patrick. When taking out new house insurance here this was one of the areas I was concerned about but it's simply not available/practical to cover expensive gear this way and the other more stand-alone policies are not dwesigned for this level of cover either.

(Patrick Bell) #3

I haven't found anything reasonable or approaching the kind of cover I had with the co-op in the UK. Axa have an extension to their home cover but only covering equipment less than 5 years old. And I don't know about you but I don't replace £2500 worth of equipment that quickly.(much as I'd love a new Sony A7R).

protectyourbubble looks possible but I've not got personal experience nor know if it covers you 'abroad'