Insurance for car

Friends are coming to cat/house sit and I have said that they can use our car
as the are flying here. I believe that my insurance covers the car…but what insurance
can we take out to cover them in case of an accident?

Interesting question Barbara…

I’ve read and re-read the small print in my particular policy and the following applies for me:

I have a small Excess to pay if I am driving and have an accident. However, if friends drive my car and have an accident… the Excess is increased…

So long as the driver is me, or authorised by me to drive my car… the driver, the car, passengers and any third-party are covered.

Might be an idea to check this out with your own Car Insurers…

thanks Stella

Just spoken to my insurance co here in France and my friend…authorised driver is covered
in the same way as the insured is. So if they have an accident they will be taken to hospital.
Of course health cover is another matter all together…as it is when you hire from any car hire company.
If there is a prob ie accident it just comes off the insurers no claim bonus.
So really anyone venturing abroad needs health cover.

Glad you’re sorted Barbara…

It’s down to your friends to take out Holiday/Travel cover for everything else that might occur…if they so wish.