Insurance for home and car - recommendations

Hello, I was wondering if people had recommendations for insurance providers? We use Allianz and pay over 140 euros a month for both house and car…

@fabien is the tried and tested Insurance expert on this forum.

Why not contact him and discuss things…


We use @fabien for all our insurance requirements, property, car, mutuelle and find him to be helpful, fair and responsive when we ask questions. He speaks/writes English very well which can be very reassuring (no pun intended!) when trying to understand the complexities of French inurance.
You can use the Insurance drop down in the top banner or just click on @fabien to send him a message. Beyond SF, Fabien has an extremely high reputation (an no, I don’t get a commission for saying that!)

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Hi Melena, if you’d like us to have a look you can inquire directly on :+1: