Insurance for listed buildings

Having fallen in love with an amazing medieval house with potential shop space in Cordes sure Ciel, which we intend to move to permanently, we have found that because the facade of the building is listed, insurance companies are being difficult about giving us a quote for house insurance. Each application has to be sent to head office, no matter which company you speak to, and we have approached MAIF, Allianz, AXA. We are also told it might be mightily expensive even though it is not a big house, and tha's if they'll insure us in the 1st place. Does anybody have any experience insuring a listed or part-listed house? Any tips or company you could recommend? That'll teach us to choose a house on looks, I guess! We need to know what it's likely to cost before we sign the compromis de vente, so any tips would be hugely appreciated. Thanks folks!

Merci, super-sympa!

I suppose most are going to want confirmation from further up. If there's any finance involved then the bank's own insurers otherwise not sure who will but can only suggest you keep doing the rounds of the obvious, groupama, maaf, macif etc. On sera presque voisins - j'habite Mirandol, je travaille à Carmaux et je passe assez souvent par Cordes en faisant du vélo avec le club du coin. Je demanderai au mec de la maaf quand je le croise s'il peut le faire. à bientôt ;-)