Insurance for renting out bedroom for short periods

Hi I wondered if anyone could help with this matter. I would like to rent a room in my house for a month this summer and then continue to put it up for a B & B for one or two nights a week. My insurance company MAAF said they could insure me for damage to property and objects but not for personal injury.they said a new law had been brought out stating that the person staying must have an attestation responsibitie personelle. I explained that if the person came from another country then they would not have this. As you can imagine there was no clear solution. I do not want to use Air B & B for the moment. Has anyone a similar experience or knows of a different insurance company who might be prepared to insure me?



It's the guest that needs to take out the insurance, not you.

Some UK travel insurers offer this as a specific add on, or there is this French travel insurance company that provides it and no doubt others

You need to include this requirement in your rental contract that your guests sign, and make sure they take it on board.

Hope this helps.