Insurance for travel outside the EU

I have to go to Myanmar (Burma) next month on business. When I lived in the UK I had annual worldwide travel/medical insurance, but I have not found an equivalent here for residents in France.
The travel aspect is not important (I don’t organise or pay for travel, accommodation, etc) but would like to have worldwide medical insurance.
Does anybody know any good providers for residents in France?


Many thanks Simon - I’ll look at those links.
Somebody else has recommended which might be worth a look too.

I found Staysure to be really bureaucratic, asked for all the medical history and I was on the phone for ages and the premium was well over £600 for us with a maximum stay of I think 39 days. meanwhile went to Allianz and got a Mondial policy for about €500 really easily, covered everything and for unlimited trips including to the US. Much better value.

That’s odd Sandy - I just did an online quote with Staysure and the premium was just £60 - I excluded USA as I don’t go there and I do know that can add a lot to the cost of insurance…

Very strange, but we asked for an annual multi trip policy as we travel quite a bit. Their (I think) 39-day limit (might have been 35) stymied us. Also irrelevant questions relating to previous treatment - a frozen shoulder I’d had a few years previously entailed about fifteen minutes on the phone and was then excluded from the policy. It was very disappointing. The French insurer said that they are not allowed to ask medical questions and the policy is based on age. However, I’ve been told that the value of a policy is really only known when you have to make a claim, which I’ve never done, so how Staysure fare with claims vs Allianz, well I don’t know.

How odd Sandy - I took out an online, French resident, joint, annual, worldwide (inc USA etc) policy with Staysure last year for £216.32 - even with a cancer diagnosis! Including 50 consecutive days for the under 70’s (£100 to extend to 100 days max per trip) and max 183 travel days in total within the year.

Are you sure we’re talking about the same company ??

Also worth remembering that many French household insurance policies include pretty comprehensive travel / repatriation cover.

Travel, I vaguely remember that, something about getting in a car, on a plane, boat, train and going somewhere. So there is more to life than cutting wood for next winter, and the winter after that, day after bloody day :angry:

Right with you on that one Mark! After 10 years of cutting and splitting my own I now buy it in - life is far too short! :slight_smile:

I use my house/car insurance company who have always come up with good deals so far, whether it is for all of us going to SE Asia or a child going to eg S America for something specific or spending a year at a university abroad more or less close to home. (Allianz).

Many thanks to all - I’m following up all your suggestions for the best deal!
I cut some wood from the garden and buy in some too - and although I still love travelling with family and friends, I’ve been working internationally for 20 years and as far as work goes I’ve reached the point where I’d rather be at home cutting wood!

Sod that, I’d swap cutting wood for (holiday) travel any day -if I could afford to of course :sob:

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These are the companies I’ve found that will cover residents in France. I’ve used Worldwide and Columbus for annual Europe cover, and claimed against worldwide when I couldn’t travel due to illness before the trip. No issues.

We and a number of English get a French Bank card, in our case LCL a platinum card which incorporates world wide travel insurance for example travelling to Australia . It covers all health problems etc and we inform them when all our plans are completed. When we return to France we inform the Bank as normal. They can organise quickly if needed . Good travelling . Mike Inman

Many thanks Mike. I do have a French credit card which does have pretty good insurance built in - but my understanding is that it only applies of you purchase the travel etc with that card. In this case the client is organising and paying for the travel etc, so I assume my card insurance doesn’t apply? - I’ll check it out with the bank though.

Many thanks Andy - I’m checking these out too!


Have you claimed from them Roger?

Been using them for ten years now and no, never made a claim … yet!