Insurance quotes: What do Bonus and Malus Mean?

I am trying to sort out insurance for 3 motorcycles for myself, 2 for my wife.
Online quotes are asking me what the Bonus is, snd what the Malus is.
Our renewal notices only show a coefficient bonus-malus How do I separate that into the 2 separate values requested ?

Bonus is “no claims discount” and malus is the opposite :slightly_smiling_face:

This might help:

Looks somewhat complicated.

Having read the article posted by @Alex_Thurgood , it seems that bonus and malus are mutually exclusive. Have I understood that aright?
I.e., Normally one would accrue a bonus for each year claim-free. In the event of a claim, the discount is affected by what we may referred to as a “loading”. When the loading exceeds the discount, the number is referred to as a “malus”.
That would mean that when completing online quotes, one enters either the bonus or the malus.
How am I doing ?

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Thank you to @Graham_Lees for pointing some of my typos.
I have corrected those that have been pointed out, and some that were not mentioned.
My apologies for sullying this forum with such careless mistakes.

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