Insurance - You never know how good your insurance is until you need to make a claim

Our expectations have been exceeded:

We have been unfortunate to have had frozen water pipes during the very cold weather, resulting in several pipes bursting, the ground floor was flooded and the ceiling in our main room fell in. In consequent the cost of the damaged is over €3,000.

Fortunately our Agent General d’Assurance from Mutuelle de Poitiers Assurances, did not turn our drama into a crisis, within 2 weeks of the incident, he has assessed the damage and arranged to transferred sufficient funds into our bank account to cover costs incurred i.e. plumber and the deposit for the builder to start the work with the balance to be paid on completion.

Better than anything I have experienced in the u.k.


Many thanks also to the plumber, who has also been fantastic, if you live in the Charente and are in need of a bilingual plumber/electrician artisan, let me know.