Insured Post to UK

I need to send a package (just a padded envelope) to UK insured for about 300E, I have done this before using Colissimo. I have now been told by two post offices that this is not possible and they can’t offer insurance.

Has anyone else had this experience and any ideas of what to do ?

Open a “la poste” account online, do it all from home, including insurance. Postie will even collect it from you (if you ask nicely🙄)

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Yup, it’s possible. Not sure what post person was on about!

You can do it all on line. Print off your label,attach it to the package and it will be collected from your post box.

Hi Rik, thanks for the link, I’ve tried putting all the information in and it won’t let me put an amount to be insured ?

Did you tick the accept terms and conditions box? That sometimes stops things working.

Hi Jane, yes I did, the part where I think you add the value is displayed but faint and you can’t add any information.

When I visited La Poste with the Colissimo form, they could process it apart from the value and so you could send Colissimo but without the insurance, both seemed to say they it was because of the virus (maybe because they are not taking signatures at the delivery end ?). This happened at two different postoffices, one in our village the other in a town.

It’s a right old muddle, Karen. Last week my post office let me send 2 parcels with top up insurance to the US. I had to fill in the forms manually (sigh) as the website only allows assurance forfaitaire, as you found. This week, I was turned away, told that insurance isn’t available for US & Aus. I didn’t ask about the UK. In the meantime, the website help page is still saying insurance is available, grrrr.
R1 and R2 recommended letters to the UK are do -able. Without knowing what you’re sending, perhaps you could split the contents up into 2 envelopes and then send with R2 with Accusé de réception for good measure.

Thanks Amanda, I was beginning to think it was just me. I’ll check out the R1 and R2 - Thanks !

Lettre recommandée is for packets less than 3cm thick. From memory, R2 covers up to 145 euros. Accusé de réception is just for the peace of mind. Good luck!

Thanks Amanda :smiley:

I tried to send a recommanded insured parcel yesterday to Germany, Not possible, only good in France now! Best is Mondial Relay, does not go everywhere but It does deliver to UK via The Post office as they do not have ‘Relays’ in the UK. They insure as well, track and are cheaper than Colissimo.