Insuring a barn not yet converted

When we sign the ACTE DE VENTE, we’ll need to get insurance on the barn. Question: the barn won’t be habitable, so will I be able to get insurance? Are there insurance products that cover the conversion state?

I read on this site that I need to provide third-party insurance for contractors working on site. is this the same insurance?

When we bought our “ruin” the Agent initially organised cover for it on our behalf - we popped into the Ins Office to get things confirmed/settled.

That was many years ago, pehaps things have changed - I would ask your Agent for advice.

You will certainly get a level of insurance - according to the state of the building.

Contractors on a building - should have their own insurance - however, we had public lability (whatever) that comes as part of the general Buildings insurance - in our case.

(sometimes a contractor is “unable” to show his insurance docs to a client - give such folk a wide berth :upside_down_face:)

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There are loads of insurance types for barns depending on theie state etc. Isn’t it a requirement of French law that a barn is insured for ‘public liability’ at least ?

Yes, you can get insurance on a shell. Hopefully won’t be that much either.

Our house insurance includes public/civic liability for us and our dog - which is standard here.

We used french workers who all carry their own insurance.

Speak to @fabien on insurance issues.


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Might not have been this site. Might have been Leggett or similar.

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Hi Darren,
It’s actually the other way around, the contractors need to be insured (10 years insurance) that’s not up to you :wink:
Regarding the building, the rule of thumb is pretty simple, as long as you own (or use) something it needs to be insured at least for its public liability (even if that’s just an empty piece of land). There is no way of insuring a building for the damages it may receive if it’s being worked on by contractors simply because they should be the one insuring their job.
Hope this is helpful? Let me know if you have any other question(s),


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