Insuring a British car in France - plus ANTS

As an aside to getting your hands on the auto route widget I note you say that you will not have a UK bank account when you have moved here.
Do not burn your bridges by closing your UK bank account as once you are french resident you will not be able to reopen a uk account. I am sure that everyone will tell you that keeping at least 1 uk bank account while resident here is a must and very convenient.

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been there… but is there a way you can find on their site a location to get the gadget on the day?
I thought it says they have service centres…

we plan to have one bank account in the UK, but I don’t want to have any standing orders on an account that is not often checked/used. rather move all that to the french account…

Dear Bettina

You might try this email address they are happy to receive and reply to emails in either French or English and have been very helpful to us. Our French and English addresses are registered with them and they send the badges to our UK address. Bill are paid by DD form our French bank and are sent for the months we use the service by email. If you are mainly using the Northern France motorways you might get a discount on the tolls. We don’t as we don’t use any motorways north of Nantes.

Good luck with it.



This is near Caen, but there’s no Tel no to check if you can buy one on the day.

Agence Télépéage Bip&Go Caen

Address :
Autoroute A13 Gare de Péage de Dozulé sens Caen-Paris, 14430 Dozulé,

Thank you Chris.
I found their phone number and will give them a try tomorrow.

Declaring it SORN but keeping it in France doesn’t work as the vehicle isn’t Off the Road.

If the vehicle is going to be in France for 6 months or more it has to be exported.

Exporting is easy enough (at the moment) but can be very expensive if you need to replace the headlight units. Fortunately we haven’t needed to do so on the 3 Beemers we have imported as it is possible to change the way the headlights dip.

Only problems we have had is toll booths (until we bought the electronic tags for the cars) and car parks when there is only one of us travelling.

Being able to see just how close to the ditch you are is a big plus on rural roads when somebody in a 205 Sacre Bleu or the like comes barrelling down the road towards you.

Having been the passenger in my very kind French friend yesterday, being so close to the ditch was a terrifying experience.

It is off the UK roads, which is what UK road tax is for. I guess if someone wants to pay UK road tax unnecessarily during the time it takes to re-register in France then it’s up to them.

Mark, a Statutory Off Road Notice attests to the fact that a vehicle if Off the Road.

Exporting a vehicle to France is a very different thing according to the DVLA and the French authorities.

Up to the point that the vehicle is transferred to French immattriculation it has to be registered, taxed and MOTd in the UK, unless it is actually off the raod and transported, as opposed to driven, to France.

Keeping a UK bank accpount is always worth while, not the least for situations such as this.

Certainly don’t need a French driving licence (well not at the moment anyway).

As an aside I bought a car in the UK during an extended stay there while my Mum was ill and I was settling her estate.

Bought, registered and taxed a car in the UK using a French “Green Card” and then imported it to France.

The DVLA were very obstrcutive until I mustered all the references to the regs, than they collpased without explanation or apology.

Have an international license… Getting a new car tomorrow. Registered in the UK, so will have 2 cars to re register in France. The JOY! Movers booked, Ferry booked, sorting out insurances and healthcare as I type. All good.
Just need those motorway thingys… Will ask the movers to buy a french pay as you go sim card, and our sellers to post us the thingys… Still have 4 weeks to go - should be enough time even with the typical french bureaucracy.

An International Driving Licence is only valid when backed up by a national driving licence that is recognised in France.

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@Bettina You will need to find your paper licence… for when you want to exchange for a French one…

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Have a British license and a Canadian one…
should keep the gendarmes happy

Have all the bits for a British license, we are horders, every bit of paper is filed somewhere. Will be such joy when I register my BREXIT settled status (just to clog up the system)

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Now reporting back :slight_smile:

I got a email from ANTS this lunchtime advising my CG request of two weeks ago needed attention. All it needed was for me to tick a few boxes, one of which said I attest that I’ve a license for this class of vehicle (I don’t remember having to show a license at the Prefecture in the past so maybe this is new), and pay the registration fee. Once I did that out popped a provisional CG, which I’ll use this afternoon to get the plates made up.
No CT was required because she’s only a couple of years old.

The fee BTW was €2.70, because even though she has 270 BHP she’s a hybrid. If I remember correctly my Tiguan which has “only” 240 BHP cost over €3K to register two years ago.

All in all, the ANTS online system worked fine for me. They must have ironed out the bugs.

Thanks for coming back about the Driving License…

that’s one for folk to remember when getting their dossier together…

Hi everyone
After a very busy few weeks / months (love French paperwork) I am back to ask about whether I need a certificate of conformity for my Peugeot - 3 years old. I read that if something is on your registration, then it is not necessary. Any help greatly appreciated as always.

Many thanks