Insuring an old holiday home in France - recommendations

Hi all,

My UK-based mother-in-law has owned a lovely old farmhouse in the Indre for over 30 years, but is suddenly finding it difficult to get insurance cover on it.

Her existing insurer has lost interest in covering houses built before 1850 for some reason and several others have blanked her.

It’s a holiday home which she has mostly for personal use, but occasionally lets out to paying guests (maybe 6-8 weeks per year).

Just wondered if anyone on here was using an insurer they could recommend.


My house is late C17th and Abeille cover it with no problems.

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Calling @fabien


Our Holiday Home is centuries old… we are with the same insurer now as we were then… only now it is Fulltime Residence…
Can’t see why a company should suddenly not want to continue the OP’s Contract… :frowning: :frowning:

Thanks, Brian!

Cheers fella!

No idea! I don’t have all the details yet. Just asking around.

I do hope your MiLaw can get things sorted, easily… there are far too many things to vex/confuse us these days… :wink:

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I’ve just been through a rather long and torturous process to cancel my Free Broadband. I couldn’t agree more!!

Free are notorious for making cancellation difficult - well done for succeeding!

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It was a mission!

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Hi Brian,

I just tried googling Abeille, but the search results were a bit hazy. Do you have a link by any chance?

Sorry to be a pain,


Abeille new name for Aviva

Not a problem at all, Pete! Here’s the link:
Abeille Assurances

Bear in mind that while Abeille is the umbrella company, each local agency is independent to some degree so the service offered can vary enormously from branch to branch. I use the Ruffec branch and have found them to be very helpful.

Thanks, Brian. Sorry for the slow reply. Pete

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It was my mother in law and yes, she did. Via a broker in the North East of England. V helpful. If you needed the details, I can ask her. Pete