Insuring UK registered cars in France

A short while ago there was an article on this website giving the name of a company in the UK who will insure a UK registered car. I seem to have deleted this post. Please coild someone be kind enough to remind me of their name or tell me how I can retrieve the article.

And also:-

I noticed that the fine can be 750€ a little inconvenient too..............

Suzanne Cherie

I think that you may be heading into Murky waters, my understanding is that if you are a French resident. That you live in France for 6 months plus 1 day each year, Cumulative time, then the Vehicle obtained outside France Must be re registered within 1 month.

Thanks guys -will give it a go.

Hi Stuart Collins insurance give an AXA policy with a year round green flag. The car has to spend 1 day a year in the uK.

Some people travel to/from France/UK for life/work reasons and it can be simpler to keep their car with UK plates and insurance. There is nothing wrong with this if the car is insured, taxed and MOT'd. It is a hassle to have to apply for a green card each time you travel (and sometimes expensive) so the year round green card works well.

Not everyone is in France full time on Survive France so the full year green card insurance is useful.

I have an account with C-A who insured my U.K car while I was in the process of getting it re registered.

Alo@ also insured another initially U.K reg car for me. Both companies recognised my NCD from the U.K although I did need to provide the necessary evidence.

Why would you need a UK company?

You should note that wherever you insure the car, if you fail to re register it in France, after six months you are driving illegally The car must be fully legal in the country in which it is registered and for a UK car that includes MOT, UK road tax etc.

A thread which will help you register your car in France is available here:-