Intensive French courses

My stepson is considering continuing his postgraduate training in France next year. It looks like he will need a certificate to say he has Level B2 French. At the moment he knows basic French only.

If we were to look at getting some intensive training how long would it take an intelligent hard working young person to get to that level?

He finishes his current internship at the end of April 2019 and would be looking to start something new in September, but we would need some time beforehand to sort out things for what ever he does so we probably only have 2 or 3 months to do this.

Any course providers anybody can recommend ? Have been looking at some of the universities offerings but they seem to provide only limited training time, with much being set aside for leisure activities.

We are based in Brittany but will consider all of France.


Claire Campbell in the Aude

Looks a lovely place and probably quite a good course, although again the intensive course version is only 5 hours a day, which is less than we would like.

Main problem is that sort of place will not be recognized by the universities. We can’t say we will be doing a course there which will end up with the required B2 qualification, so please give me a place on that basis. Needs to be some sort of universally recognized institution unfortunately.

OK - patently not suitable for you Tom - but others may be interested.

As an observation, 5 hours 1-1 tuition a day is way in excess of what most folks could cope with. All work and no play…etc , I don’t envy him:-:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He’s a doctor - used to working 100 hour + a week!

And I agree, might be exactly what someone else wants - I could quite happily go and stay there myself.


Oh heck sorry I didn’t make myself clear! Although - I doubt anyone could fully absorb 5 hours of 1-1 language tuition a day. I wasn’t comparing it to hours worked in the day job!

Anyway good luck!

Hope he gets sorted… but, as an aside… I had been told that English was the language being used in the French Teaching Hospitals… but, perhaps they are not all as up-to-date…:thinking:

Get him a French girlfriend…


Alliance Française or else specific French-for-doctors course at a university with a teaching hospital ( this exists in Germany, certainly in Freiburg im Breisgau so it may exist in France).

The recommended timescale seems to be 500 hours teaching to get to B2 if starting from 0 knowledge…best thing would be to take an online test to see where he stands. But that seems quite a lot. I did it in fits and starts, but even so think it was significantly less than that.

In terms of where, I think google is your friend here, as if you look for certified DELF providers there seems to be a good range.

Or could do an online course, and augment it with intensive reading, radio/TV, going to cinema and other fun things. Here…