Interactive Ancient Earth Globe


fascinatingā€¦ I need something to take my mind off thingsā€¦ well done Graham

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Iā€™d be living not too far from the east coast :rofl:

I seem to have spent rather a lot of time under water :frowning:

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Our house is about 700 years old, but we only got our address four years ago, so maybe thereā€™s not much point :wink:

I tried searching but not surprisingly, it ā€˜didnā€™t have the informationā€™.

But a fun site nevertheless, thanks!

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I seem to have been on dry land until around 340 million years agoā€¦:grinning:

I see no need to take a ferry or tunnel to visit the birthplace, no doubt lots of empty places to nip across without a passport or health certificate too. :thinking: