Interested in crafts, particularly needlecraft?

I thought this might be of interest I’m surprised nobody’s started a craft group…

any volunteers? The watercolour is by Val Holmes and is a sketch for an embroidery…

Got it. Excellent, particularly like the fact that she is now earning money from her ideas.

Sorry try this

Problem with the link Karen!

Thanks for pointing out the pun - didn’t spot that one!

I found this blog recently and thought this article was helpful - you need to scroll down the page a little to where it starts with
"Let me introduce myself by showing you how incompetent I am"…ng-ground.html

Thanks Karen. You’re right, there must be lots of nimble fingered people out there who’d like to share their ideas, swap patterns maybe or exchange unwanted materials - you know how it is, you think" I’m going to knit a Fairisle jumper" , you start off with good intentions, get half way and put it aside and there it sits in the back of the cupboard, making you feel guilty every time you come across it! Then there’s the recycling element eg making a quilt from unwanted clothing or scraps, why I hear James himself is building a grand piano out of old pallets.



Nice one!!

Interesting article. There was a thread a while ago about crafts but only a few responses. I’m sure there must more people out there who sew, knit, embroider, crochet etc. I think a group would be good.