Interesting article about fasting


The subject of breakfast came up recently in a discussion with a French friend. He hadn’t previously split the word up, or noticed the inclusion of “fast”. Unusually, I had my wits about me, and I’d just read about the disciples fasting (in fact, not fasting), so I was able to point to the same thing in dejeuner (and in the Spanish desayuno).

German is quite different, said our Germanic friend.

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Listened to this last night and found link to fasting interesting


Yes you have an early piece, which sounds very Scottish and the sort of thing Oor Wullie might have. A jeely piece, probably.

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Been doing fasting for 3-5 days every couple of months providing I am not doing heavy physical work. Did that following the Keto diet a few years ago in 2019. Autophagy is good for you as is restricted eating time and not constantly grazing but it begins with getting used to less and less sugar, will power is also required to start with but its easy after a while, just have a drink at meal times to get overbthe hunger which is just a habit. Obviously non alcoholic drink and not fruit juice.

I read this morning in the sports section of the NYT (you don’t get this sort of journalism in the UK press) that in the top leagues (but not in France - due to laïcité) professional Muslim footballers have a dispensation that allows them to eat dates and drink water during a daytime match. I think this dispensation is based on a traditional one available to travellers.

Can’t see why this dispensation would not be available to French sportspeople since it is granted by the Iman not a state body, so what does laïcité have to do with it? Anyway a lot of the habits around Ramadan are a personal choice.

Coincidentally a similar article in French news last year.

Ramadan et pratique du sport de haut niveau peuvent-ils se concilier ?.

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Ramadan is spiritual not medical, thought it was about the medical benefits.

Thread drift…potential downsides if one is a sportsperson and how to deal with this. One French article talked about feeling benefits in terms of focus.

Eating dates is NOT the way to deal with fasting. You body is empty using fat reserves and damaged cells for fuel and you chuck in 50 grams of sugars, pathetic. They would be better off with protein and fats.

I imagine dates and water is the traditional nourishment for those with exemptions - formerly, such people were mainly travellers.

Could well be the case and nothing wrong with that but its now, its mega rich football and we understand nutrition.