Interesting Idea re EU Passport and being an EU Citizen

This will be not interesting if you:

  • Want to choose your own colour passport

  • Wish to queue a long time, because you have “Taken back control”

  • Don’t like all those foreign words on the passport.

  • Believe the EU is undemocratic, unlike our Head of State, unelected second chamber and unelected PM.

Otherwise, a very good idea and has my support.

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You can’t have an EU passport as it doesn’t exist as a country.

True Sue.

Not sure if you read the article in detail?

‘Right now, EU citizens are only EU citizens because they’re citizens of the United Kingdom, or Germany, or France, or of one or other EU Member State. So, it’s an inconvenient and unwelcome fact that when the UK ceases to be an EU country, we cease to be EU citizens.’


‘But there is a way to square this circle. The EU could allow individuals to become citizens of it directly. They could decouple EU citizenship from citizenship of an EU Member State. Initially at least it could be a special case, only applying to citizens of a departing member.’

But having it supplements my national passport/citizenship and adds more rights.

If I had to choose, I would drop the UK passport and join an EU one, if they would ever consider it (who knows what might happen in thr next few years).

this irritates the shit out of me,

You vote for your local constituent, then according to the rules of the party they represent they may be sat on the back bench, the front bench or be in charge.

you vote for your constituent based on the mandate of the party then the pm is responsable for carrying out that mandate, you did not vote for the pm you voted for the mandate, may is continuing with the mandate the party were voted in for

you could say that no pm has ever had the right for absolute power because the maximum vote they could possibly achieve in election is 1/650 of the total public, or roughly 70 thousand people, and thats assuming 100% turn out with every single person voting for the same person

may is no less entitled to run the country than cameron was

Agreed. So let’s have an elective head of state instead of a PM who is not elected directly by the electorate and hides behind the royal prerogative.

that’s what the french are doing!
But is it really better?
Most voters vote for the projected image and not the competences.
Royal prerogative intriguing me. Sounds mystical and dating back from the divine rights of monarchs. The Hanover dynasty managed to keep that still. Very clever. And pass it on to PM…

Hi Claudia,

To me, anything is better than the ‘disconnected’ system we have at the minute, which is leading to such frustration with a big percentage of the electorate.

As much as I do not agree with UKIP, the amount of votes they received in the last election to the representation they had in House (1MP) was wrong.

We need PR plus a radical change in our set up, to reflect democracy at every level of our institutions. Which means to me, a proper written Constitution, a elected second chamber and a directly elected head of state.

At least the French media does report hard facts and figures from confirmed sources, not just a few selected statistics that politicians choose to spin in their speeches or even pluck out of the air. Which is something that seems sadly lacking in the British media these days.

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Proportional representation is judged as too continental. Everything now skewed in favour of big parties.
Yes amazing about a non written constitution…every banana republic had one. All these gentlemen s agreements and customs date back from the 19c.Tradition rules in UK.Which means the elite. Nothing moves.
A clever way to immobilise a country. Well probably the English psyche likes it that way. It is comforting.

I am not sure about the elections solving democratic malaise. The french like the Swiss are frequently consulted so what?