Interesting programme on Boris and Brexit

I thought this was well researched and well put together. Worth an hour of time


Can’t watch in the UK, will have to do something sneaky.

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I saw it was on but couldn’t face watching Johnson. Maybe I’ll try it on replay.
Meanwhile, at yesterday’s cabinet meeting UKGov discussed food parcels destined for the children who are “On Dinners”.

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You don’t see that much of Johnson himself, so quite safe! More of sister and father who are both europhiles.


Johnson senior might be a Europhile, but he’s a bit of a dick otherwise.


And a wife beater.

Thanks for the encouragement Jane! I watched it on France 5 replay and managed to get over having to see Johnson. The following programme was also good, with a rational, intelligent discussion between the co-author, an economist, a professor of Science Po and a film director/journalist (all French) which gave a clear impression of how the UK and Brexit is now viewed from outside its hallowed borders.

I fully endorse what Fleur has said (except that the director was British!) and we found both halves not only interesting but incredibly useful for our French :smiley:

I need to watch it again as I found some of the voiceovers meant that I got a bit of the English and a bit of the French and I want to have another go, I was pleased that, only this week, I had already learned the term “paradis fiscal” …

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Mischief managed, as they say :slight_smile:

Well, one or two config files might still need tweaking to make sure things continue to work should various bits of kit need a reboot.

The dedicated server that I lease is located in France - which turns out to be handy if you want to watch French content - so I now have a VPN server running on it which I can connect to from the UK.

Might mean I keep the French Amazon Prime subscription after all :slight_smile:

Or not - It seems that I can flip Amazon Prime video from UK to France, but it seems can’t have the two active at the same time. Which is a bit of a pain considering that Amazon have previously told me subscribing to Prime in the UK is totally distinct from subscribing to Amazon Prime in France.

He certainly appeared to be British, but he is described by France 5 as Thomas Johnson, réalisateur franco-britannique. So I guess he has dual nationality. That would add a British dimension to his comments about Brexit.

Né à Grenoble, d’un père australien et d’une mère anglaise, Thomas Johnson a grandi en France. Il commence des études de médecine, puis étudie la psychologie. En 1981, il entame une carrière professionnelle en tant que journaliste puis grand reporter pour le journal Actuel où il travaille de 1982 à 1992 et couvre pendant dix ans la chute de l’Union Soviétique. À partir de 1992, il oriente ses acquis scientifiques, journalistiques et ses convictions humanistes vers l’écriture et la réalisation de films documentaires.

That’s interesting, Fleur. I suppose I assumed he was British as his native language was clearly English (asking for the French for lobster for example). I shouldn’t make assumptions…