Interesting read from A C Grayling

Good read. Will not change anyone’s opinion over the matter, so if you voted to leave, will be a bit of a waste of time, for you.

Some highlights :slight_smile:

" For one clear-cut example: exclusion of expatriates from the EU referendum franchise if they had been resident abroad for more than 15 years is contrary to their rights under the ECHR. There is a legal action in process on this. Both May and her predecessor as Conservative Prime Minister had promised to rectify this anomaly. When judgment is made in favour of the expats deprived of their rights, will that void the referendum result?"

“The first thing Theresa May said when she called the general election was that she wanted a mandate for the Brexit negotiations. Not only was this a confession that she did not have a mandate already – she was right: there is no democracy in the world where a vote by 37% of an electorate would mandate major constitutional change – but she was emphatically refused one. The hung parliament is a rejection of her, her government, and her Brexit.”




Her offer of settled status is a farce and does not bode well for us.

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Why do you think that Jane?

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While I agree 100% with Grayling’s comments the problem is that we can’t pull out now without the government loosing face - or, perhaps more importantly, perceiving that they will loose face. I can’t see us waking up one morning and realising that it’s all a disaster built on a foundation as firm as non-prime loans. Nor can I see any of the legal challenges getting anywhere.

Seriously though, does it have any face left to lose?
U-turns R us…