Intermittant electricity

I’m having problems with my electricity supply…
I have a linky, so can press a button to reconnect the power. But pressing this every 2-3 minutes is not practical. I phoned EDF, but despite saying that my linky is not communicating (since August), they think the problem is at my property. They suggest that I check the fusebox or consult/hire a private electrician. I’m not so sure… te supply cuts off even when nothing is on or even plugged in. At times (usually overnight) all works almost perfectly.
My fusebox looks very old, and unlike a typical British fusebox… i wouldn’t no where to start.
The electrics in the house are similarly very old. I’d imagine any local electrician would encourage me to rip everything out and start again! I haven’t the money for that… I just need one or two plug sockets that work!
Any suggestions,
Alternatively any cheap:affordable electricians near Le Mans.
Many thanks and a Happy Christmas to all.

What cuts off? The Linky or the main “disjoncteur de branchement”?

Are you on a three phase (triphasé) supply?

What “puissance souscrite” do you have? This is the kVA level that will be shown on your bills, but can also be found in VA on the “puis coup” screen of your Linky e.g. if your subscription is for 6kVA then the Linky will say 6000VA.

Has this problem just started? i.e. was the Linky there before the problem arose or has it gone hand in hand with it?

Even at this distance I can tell that the property needs rewiring…


Thanks for your reply… and your help.
After a little persuasion, Enedis visited and replaced the green linky box. That was the problem apparently. Restricting my electricity supply!
I’m not a big power consumer… my annual bill is about 700 Euros.
And, you’re quite right, (in an ideal world) my house needs rewiring or knocking down!

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…but to be clear, the power restriction on your supply is not to do with quantity over time, but the maximum instantaneous load that you may have.

e.g. If you have an 11kW pottery kiln then a 6kVA supply is not going to be sufficient to run it, even for one firing. You would need to get the supply uprated to 12kVA, & pay the consequent increase in standing charge.