Internet access problems

Yesterday (wednesday 16 Nov 2016). I experienced a drastic slow down with ionternet access. Especially failing to access any uk sites. I would have just put it down to my neighbour’s teenager multiplayerroleplaying again but when I went to ly French class in St Yrieix la Perche (40km away from me in Chalus) someone there was experiencing the same problem. When I got back I had had several phone calls wanting me to fix the same problems (I am a computer consultant).

So what I am trying to find out is:

  • was this just Orange? (cos they sure won’t admit it)
  • how far did the problem extend?

I had a similar problem with Orange yesterday as did a friend of mine, seems ok today.

Where are you, and he, based? I am curious as to how far this extended. As you say, it seems OK today. Are you both with Orange?

Yes @Patrick_Bell both Orange, we’re near Dax in the Southern Landes

I had problems yesterday morning as well but all had sorted itself out by late afternoon. I too am with Orange. I found it particularly confusing as my Internet radio worked perfectly throughout while my iPad either ran very slowly of claimed that it was not connected to the Internet despite three bars showing on the screen. Sites like Survive France would not open at all. The Internet radio is usually the first thing to stutter when the system is overloaded.

It was probably some issue with DNS and not bandwidth related. I couldn’t get to Survive France either but it wasn’t down.

Same here, DNS problems off-and-on all day. This in Paillé.

Since we probably all have different name servers (mine is for instance) I doubt its the dns. I suspect it was a specific node went down, or perhaps just an orange relay. Anybody not on Orange have the problem?

I occasionally have this access problem, including yesterday. If I can’t get SF, BBC news etc, I end up googling the site I want and it will magically reappear. I’m with Bouygues and couldn’t really be classed as a techie!

It was Orange, specifically, it was all over the news. A good place to check when things go wrong is Twitter as you see increasing number of people complaining about DNS problems. Very frustrating but was solved by late afternoon.


Thanks Sandy, i can stop my ad hoc research now.

We are with Orange and connected and using internet all yesterday (1 computer, 2 tablets, Windows Phone and Orange telephone line) with no problems at all?

But that was yesterday, not a week ago.

You can always configure the use of OpenDNS (instead of Orange assigned DNS servers) or as a standby.

Simply use & instead of Orange DNS servers.


Thanks, I use various dNS eg cloudflare or different registrars for my score of sites. It wasn’t a dns problem anyway - it was an orange service provision problem, not having access to Twitter at the time stopped me from seeing the issue in progress. Orange have been OK for,me ,not 5 star for sure, I still can’t work in the evenings due to bandwidth problems (not a bad thing I guess) but downtime has been negligible. My main gripe is support - -its impossible, no email support, its either premium telephone support or arranging a conseil for a purely french conversation which can be tough; especially when they don’t know their stuff as often as not and assume the one is a numptie.