Internet by satellite - help! I need to choose a provider really quickly but it seems a minefield out there

The dog recently chewed up his third 3G key so my husband went to the Orange shop to get another since it is our only form of internet connection. We are in a zone blanche for ADSL and in a shadow for Wimax, so don't even go there.

When my husband told the Orange conseiller that we were thinking of going onto satellite internet the conseiller duped him into signing up for a 3G H+ key with promise of 5 Giga - enough, he said, to be able to watch a film over the internet, and at the same price (39,90€) we were paying already for 1G. Unfortunately my husband believed all this rubbish and signed up for 12 months.

So yesterday, after a few weeks of struggling to download a few emails, let alone a film, our bill arrived - 66,00€ thank you very much! This time I went with my husband back to the Orange shop, queued for ages to be told that, yes, this conseiller agreed my husband had been badly advised (for a start H+ is not available in our area, apparently) but that to sort anything out we had to phone the customer number.

The lady on the end of the phone wasn't quite so understanding - although she did find the story about the dog eating the 3G keys quite hilarious. No, we couldn't go back to our previous forfait since my husband had signed up for this one for 12 months. Well she must have heard the panic, desperation and hopelessness (tinged with anger) in my voice as I pleaded, because she said she would check why the 3G key did not work very well for us. She came back with the news that we are actually too far from a 3G transmitter to get the 3G service, which means we have the right to annul the contract immediately, so did I want to stop the contract there and then, otherwise we will have to go on paying for the 12 months. I bargained with her for some more time to in order discuss with hubby but, basically, I only have today to find an alternative form of internet connection and annul the 3G contract - which means cutting off all links for our business from today while we sign up with a satellite company and wait for the equipment to arrive.

Hubby, not wanting to be responsible for ****ing up again, has handed the responsibility for choosing and signing up completely over to me! So I would be extremely grateful for any (urgent) advice or opinions on satellite internet companies and whether it's best to go for the Tooway or Astra2 satellite?... We are in Lot & Garonne, Dept. 47, in the Vallee du Lot, where the local Mairies have put their efforts into installing Wimax, to placate the locals, rather than lobbying Orange to install proper ADSL- only for a lot of people, like us, the Wimax signal gets blocked by the hills so is of no use at all.

Thank you Catharine, it'd be good to hear from someone who actually uses satellite internet!

Thank you for your reply, Terry.. I may well do that - internet connection permitting though, it's been useless all day typically!

Hi Petra - send James H a message as we are using Tooways (I think??) and is v good but he will be able to give you all the intel! x

Can't help, Petra, but might be worth copying this onto the Computer Corner group where there has to be someone who will know the answer.