Internet connection

Can anyone out there advise me how to obtain a temporary internet connection in France , due to my infrequent visits to France at the moment I have cancelled my phone/internet with Orange France due to the less than helpful person in their office advising me that my account could not be suspended or reactivated on my return , this has saved me 55 euros a month .

I believe such an animal as a dongle may be available which will enable me to obtain a temporary connection , if anyone can advise me on where to obtain such a device it would be most appreciated Many thanks , Mike

Most Android smartphones and, I believe, iPhones & iPads (with sim capability), can give you local wifi connection without needing a 4G router or dongle. On my smartphone it comes under "Tethering & Local Hotspot". Thus you only need a French sim, although you may have to get your device unlocked before it will accept a 'foreign' sim and, be careful, some older phones may be limited to 3G speeds.

Steve Yates is right - the Leclerc Mobile deal is one of the best (I use it myself) and you can sign up & get a sim at most Leclerc supermarkets. They use the SFR network,which may or may not be good where you're located in France. A good site for realistic coverage detail is (Que choisir? is the French Which? and, whilst not perfect, isn't biased in favour of any particular operator.)

get a sim card 19.99 euros and use the 4g to connect to your devices.

Netgear do a cheap 4g routeur.

I seem to remember that Leclerc's mobile subscriptions were the cheapest and allowed you to carry over any credit from one month to the next but they don't seem to offer a 3G/4G dongle so you would need to provide your own (unlocked). Also check that there is a decent signal where you want to use it.