Internet In Beauvais, Fiber etc

I live in the town center in Beauvais and the internet here is really bad. We have orange here and the package is 40mb/s. As we download stuff the speed is 2mb/s… I use a lot internet for more heavy stuff so it would be amazing to solve this.
In the Orange website there is something we can check to see when fiber will be in place, i checked it and it says that all the buildings near me have Fiber avaliable, we currently have VDSL if I’m not mistaken. It also says that fiber will be implemented someday. Is there anything we could do, like ask the company to install it in the building, or talk to the city to ask if the process has or will start soon?

Putting your phone number into might give some info.

2mb/s is pretty slow for a town centre though so something else might be wrong - in which case it is necessary to be clear about what type of connection (ADSL vs VDSL), what your “sync” speed is and what is the estimated speed for the line.

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This is the information my router gives me:
Downstream bandwidth

26.4 Mbit/s

Upstream bandwidth

529 kbit/s

Connection type


OK not a super VDSL connection, fibre would certainly give you a better connection speed.

However if you are dropping to 2mb/s then the chances are the problem is contention - too many users trying to move data over the same network infrastructure.

Do you have 4G (or even better 5G) with a decent signal strength - might be worth looking at one of the 4G internet “boxes” - search the forum for details.

We have the livebox 4. Thing with the boxes is that they are limited correct? I need ilimited internet.
Is it possible to speed the process of implementing fiber in someway? Like talking to the company?
Thank you very much for the help btw

Depends of the tariff - how much do you download a month anyway?

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This is how its going

For my use I cant have a limit, friends and family live far away so I spend a considerable amount of time with them online

Are you talking about a residential building (presumably), or a business building ?
In the case of a residential building, e.g. a block of flats, all of the owners have to agree to the installation of a fibre terminal and distributor system to each flat. Usually, this is done by bringing a motion through the Syndic de Copropriété - if this has not come up before, then it might be worth asking to have it put on the agenda for debate at the AGM, if you are an owner of the flat. If you are a renter, then you would have to ask your landlord. Bear in mind that collectively, the owners of the various flats would have to pay for the installation, and this is often what prevents fibre getting installed into a building, absent any other considerations of existing connection infrastructure deemed to be sufficient for most domestic user’s bandwidth requirements.

If it is a business building, you can again try to convince the landlord into having it installed, or as is sometimes the case, it may even be possible to have a fibre terminal connection brought directly into your office space from an outside distributeur (called a “Té de distribution”).

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There you go, so you would need to raise it with the Syndic de Copropriété if you are an owner/occupant of the flat, or else with your landlord if you are a tenant.

Almost certainly, nothing will happen if the co-owners of the flats do not want to pay for the installation of a fibre distribution node in the building.

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I understand, thank you very much and have a nice one!

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Hi Edward and welcome to SF
or just go direct with Bouygues through this link which will also let you check eligibilty at your address.
We use Bouygues and it works for us very well. In a town environment, you could download SpeedTest Master Pro to your mobile from the Play Store and check the 4G/5G signal.
We looked at and investigated:

  • Orange 4G offering - limited to 200Gb/month
  • SFR - wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole and limited to 200Gb/month
  • Free - limited to 250Gb/month

If you are looking for illimitée and sans abonnement the Bouygues is your best bet by far.

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